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Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt? 7 Best Advices

How Long Does Greek Yogurt Last

Can you freeze Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is one of the incredibly popular dairy products which come with tons of health benefits and delicious recipes to offer.

A perfect substitute for high-calories ice-creams, frozen yogurt is looked up as a healthy treat by many dessert lovers. But, freezing Greek yogurt straight away will get you the dessert you are looking for?

Well, the answer is No!

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What is Greek Yogurt?

Do you know that Greek yogurt is unknown in Greece! Amazed? Also known as the strained yogurt, this label was first used by Turkish entrepreneurs to export in many US countries. It successfully captured one-third of the yogurt market with this brand name.

Due to the rich in protein, calcium, protein, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, Greek yogurt is incredibly popular.

Can you freeze Greek yogurt?

Yes, you can freeze Greek yogurt to extend its shelf life. The best part is that even after freezing, the nutritional value of Greek yogurt does not change. It contains the nutrient equivalent to the yogurt sitting in the fridge.

 What Happens When You Put Yogurt In The Freezer?

Once you put the yogurt in the freezer, its texture changes completely. Storing a yogurt directly to the fridge will not get your frozen yogurt. Instead, you will end up in a brick-like hard and unpalatable yogurt which you will not wish to eat. Even the yogurt separates like sour cream.

1. Why Does Greek Yogurt Say Do Not Freeze?

Once you freeze the Greek yogurt, the active bacteria cultures in this start to die. Once you thaw this frozen Greek yogurt, these bacteria turn dormant and reactivate. Hence, many nutritional benefits of Greek yogurt are destroyed by freezing it as it is.

With the virtue of extending the shelf life of Greek Yogurt, freezing it is a good idea. As most of the health benefits also remain the same, the texture of Greek yogurt changes when you freeze it. Once you thaw the frozen yogurt, the water separates, and you can notice the difference in its consistency.

You should stir it well, consuming. But you may notice the loss of flavor and smoothness once you thaw Greek yogurt. Marinates and smoothies are the best way to use thawed Greek Yogurt. If you are looking for frozen yogurt desserts, you need to add some additional ingredients.

If you choose to freeze Greek yogurt right away, it will result in an unpalatable hard brick of yogurt, which you would not like to eat at all!

2. How To Freeze Greek Yogurt Safely?

It would help if you used the airtight freezer bags to freeze it safely without catching the odors of other foods in the freezer. If you choose to freeze the unopened container, yogurt may expand in the fridge. However, unopened yogurt lasts longer than the opened ones.

3. How long does Greek Yogurt last?

Depending on your storage condition, Greek yogurt lasts. If you keep it tightly covered to avoid the moisture entering into it and refrigerate properly, it can last longer. Therefore, the unopened container lasts longer than the opened ones.

Even after the expiration, refrigerated unopened yogurt containers can be used up to 10 days and freeze yogurt up to 2 months.

For opened yogurt containers, 5-7 days after opening are safe to consume while in the freezer, opened container lasts up to 1 month.

4. What is the sign of spoilage for Greek yogurt?

Like regular yogurt, the spoiled Greek yogurt smells raunchy and foul. You can notice the running watery consistency. When the live cultures acting as preservatives starts to die, the mold begins appearing on the yogurt. If you notice any such symptoms of spoilage, never consume or even taste such Greek yogurt. Throw it away immediately.

5. How to freeze Greek Yogurt for smoothies?

The best way to freeze Greek yogurt for smoothies is to freeze them in ice cube trays. Once these cubes are frozen, transfer to freezer-safe containers. You can use the number of cubes that you require to make a fruit smoothie every time.

6. Can non-fat Greek yogurt be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze non-fat Greek yogurt to improve its shelf-life. To preserve it longer, freeze it unopened.

7. What temperature kills yogurt culture?

To add the starter culture, you need to cool down the milk moderately. However, if you add these cultures to a temperature over 55 degrees C, the chances are high that these cultures could die. These bacterias are heat-loving and multiply only when they get the right warm temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can yogurt be frozen successfully?

If you freeze a yogurt, once you thaw, it turns watery and grainy. As the abundant live cultures in the frozen yogurt become dormant, it becomes acidic in taste. Thawed yogurt can be healthy to eat, but it turns acidic as well.

How long can you freeze Greek yogurt?

You can safely freeze the Greek yogurt for two months, like regular yogurt. But it should be appropriately stored in the freezer. While the refrigeration gives you a shelf life of 10 days, freeze Greek yogurt can last easily up to 60 days.

Can you freeze Greek yogurt and eat it frozen?

To extend the shelf life of Greek yogurt, you can freeze it safely. Most of the health benefits remain the same if you eat the thawed Greek yogurt after freezing it. Although the texture of the yogurt changes.

Does freezing Greek yogurt kill the probiotics?

During the process of freezing, most of the live cultures in Greek yogurt become dormant. Once thawed and return to their average temperature, these good bacteria activate and deliver all the benefits which a regular yogurt gives.

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