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3 The secret to Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat for Good in 2021

The Secret to Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat for Good: Pockets of fat may be present on the body and may prove challenging to get rid of, even with a good diet and regular exercise.

We all carry fat in different ways, as each body is different. However, these areas of stubborn fat can be unsightly and uncomfortable for certain people.

Freezing this fat may be the answer many individuals are looking for to finally get the results they dream of. 

To know more about how to lose belly fat overnight?

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What Is Stubborn Fat?

When you hear someone say “stubborn fat,” it might seem safe to assume that they mean any fat that is difficult to burn.

However, stubborn fat is fat pockets that may be more difficult to target than other generalized areas.

Losing weight is generally a difficult task, but losing fat in certain areas can be even more challenging. The fat in these areas is known as stubborn fat. 

Excessive fat storage can be uncomfortable and may even pose health risks, even if it is only in certain areas. Stubborn fat is most commonly found around the thighs, stomach, and armpits, but may appear in other areas as well.

There is a common misconception that proper targeting techniques can cause specific areas of your body to lose fat faster than others.

However, these techniques are generally regarded as ineffective, since there needs to be fat loss throughout the body overall. 

1. Armpits

Fat pockets can develop underneath a person’s arms. This is often referred to as armpit fat, underarm fat, or armpit bulge. When the arms are raised, the skin may appear loose and dangly. When the arms are lowered, the skin may bulge from underneath your arm. This area is a known trouble spot for many individuals. 

2. Stomach 

While losing unwanted belly fat can sometimes be difficult, storing fat in the stomach can be dangerous for a person’s health. Belly fat can also be called visceral fat. If there is more fat in your belly, it is more likely that you have more fat in your blood, which can elevate your risk of developing a disease. 

3. Thighs

Fat pockets can develop on any area of the leg but are commonly found on the thigh area. Leg fat may either be subcutaneous or intramuscular. Subcutaneous fat is located right underneath the skin, while intramuscular fat is found inside the muscles. These pockets can stick out from underneath garments or rub against each other, and cause discomfort. 

Why Do I Have Stubborn Fat?

The secret to Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat for Good: When you first start dieting and exercising, you may notice that pounds seem to melt away. However, even when significant weight has been lost, stubborn fat may remain. You need to think beyond push-ups and planks. Losing fat as a whole may diminish certain stubborn fat areas, but it is not guaranteed. 

There are many reasons why a person may struggle with stubborn body fat. Most of us have areas of our bodies we wish were more toned or firmer. However, sometimes body fat just refuses to budge. One of the reasons you may experience this is actually because of dieting. You may think that eating less will cause you to lose stubborn fat, but the opposite may be true. Dieting sporadically or not dieting properly can cause changes in your body that lead you to store more fat. 

Your lifestyle may also be a contributing factor. Working in the corporate world may lead you to sit at a desk all day or remain generally stationary. Though this can affect areas of our body, it can also limit our daily exercise. The result is not burning as much fat throughout the day, causing it to remain stored. 

Hormones and medical conditions can also influence how fat is stored in our bodies. As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down. The same foods that you used to be able to burn quickly now take longer. Hormonal changes (e.g. menopause) can also affect what our body does with its fat supply.  

Freeze Your Fat with CoolSculpting 

When it comes to losing stubborn fat, you want results and to lose the fat for good. Stubborn fat requires more time and energy than just setting up a workout plan. Even so, you may not be rewarded with the results you want. CoolSculpting is a fat-reduction procedure that uses innovative technology to give patients the results they have been dreaming of. This non-invasive procedure does not require surgery and is available to everyone.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved method that freezes the fat cells. After this freezing is completed, the body’s metabolism kicks into gear to get rid of the fat cells. This occurs because fat cells do not react well under these types of conditions, which allows the body to finally eliminate the cells. During the process, an applicator adheres to the body. Patients may feel slight sensations, but these fade as the area begins to numb. Patients may need more than one treatment in order to get their desired results. 

Find Out If CoolSculpting Is Right for You

You may be wondering if CoolSculpting is the right procedure for you and your stubborn fat. When you go to a professional, you will fill out information regarding your medical history and any concerns you may have. A staff member will perform an evaluation and speak to you about treatment options. From there, an assessment will be performed to ensure you are a proper candidate. 

The entire process is designed to be as comfortable for the patient as possible. The entire procedure takes around an hour. During this time, patients are encouraged to feel free to read, call a friend, or journal. A professional team prides themselves on making sure each patient has experience as unique as they are, and that they receive the treatment method that will best help them achieve their body goals.  

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