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Amandey.com is the brain child of Emily Parker who has spent most of her life in researching about the yogurts. Her love for yogurt turned her into a passionate yogurt expert. Now, she is on a mission to share her immense knowledge on Yogurt which she acquired all these years from her extensive research. 

Amadey.com is a one-stop solution for all your yogurt-related queries. Whether you want to acquire some quick information on types of yogurts, their shelf life or how to whip a quick recipe from your favourite yogurt – I have it all!

I have also compiled some important yogurt appliances that help you in churning out a perfect yogurt. If you are a yogurt lover, who cannot plan their day without yogurt, Amadey.com is an amazing place to explore more about your favourite food.

And if you are yet to discover the goodness of yogurt, you are at the right spot to know – What makes yogurt a superfood?

It is time to explore the world of yogurt to derive its exceptional nutritional benefits. So, let’s start!