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What Kind of Yogurt Does McDonald’s Use [Updated] 2022

If you are a yogurt lover, then McDonald’s will not disappoint you. Besides its delicious burgers and tempting fries, McDonald’s has an applaudable yogurt recipe to offer. Even if you are not a yogurt lover, it is worth trying McDonald’s yogurt for its delectable taste.

Who supplies McDonald’s yogurt to their stores?

Oneida Foods own their yogurt. They are based in Minneapolis, MN. This company also owns the Yoplait brand of yogurts, which they produce and sell. Walmart bought out this company in 1999 and now supplies the majority of Mcdonald’s Yogurt to McDonald’s.

The packaging looks like Mcdonald’s, but the Yoplait logo is on it too. The packaging looks very similar to Yoplait’s, and they are precisely the same yogurt”.

Will McDonald ever stop using the yogurt?

Mcdonald’s has to use their brand of products to make money. They also have many suppliers they buy from, so if they stopped making Yoplait, there would be a shortage of Yoplait Yogurt, which could mean stores wouldn’t get the product they need.

Yoplait also makes a lot of money for Mcdonald’s, and if they stopped making the product, it would mean they wouldn’t have that much revenue, so they would most likely lose a lot of money. If Mcdonald’s were to buy in other brands of Yogurt, it could not go well quicker than Yoplait, especially if they bought it from Walmart because they sold it to them in the first place.

Why does McDonald’s yogurt taste worse than Yoplait?

McDonald’s yogurt is a different brand from Yoplait because two other companies own them. The main difference between the yogurts besides packaging is that Mcdonald’s uses GMO ingredients. Most major food stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc., refuse to sell Mcdonald’s products because of this fact.

What is GMO?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It is an organism that has had its DNA changed by genetic engineering. It can be plants (like Yoplait Yogurt) or animals and fish. There are many different reasons for GMOs being made, but most of them are for-profit and make the product last longer and look better than before GMO was used.

Is Mcdonald’s yogurt healthy?

Mcdonald Yogurt is not always made with ingredients that are bad for you. It just depends on which one you get and what kind of yogurt you get. Some Mcdonald’s Yoplait yogurts have added sugar or little to no fruit in them, so they aren’t any healthier than other yogurts.

Where does Yoplait yogurt come from?

Yoplait Yogurt can be bought throughout the United States and Canada at almost any ice cream or frozen food section. Walmart, Costco, Kroger, and Safeway are just a few of these types of stores that have the Yoplait brand on their shelves.

What is the best yogurt to buy at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s yogurt parfait is one of the best recipes every yogurt lover should consider. It is high on taste and low on calories.

McDonald’s Yoplait Yogurt has many different flavors, and most of them taste very good, but some are not that great. Some have added sugar or little fruit, so it depends on what flavor you get.

There are many flavors of Yoplait that have the same shape, size, and look as Mcdonald’s, so you might not be able to tell them apart. A few flavors are not in the “McDonald’s” Yogurt section, but they can also be found in most stores.

What are the positives and negatives of McDonald’s yogurt?

Here are some positives and negatives of eating McDonald yogurt:


McDonald’s Yogurt is a perfect snack to have because it has protein and fruit in them, so they fill you up better than some other yogurts. It tastes just like regular Yoplait yogurt. So if you like Yoplait, you will like Mcdonald’s Yogurt. They also have many different flavors that all taste pretty good, and they have a bit more fruit than Yoplait does, so they are a better choice.


McDonald’s Yogurt includes GMOs, and this is the primary reason Walmart won’t sell most of their products because they think this is an unsafe practice. Most Mcdonald’s Yoplait flavors also have added sugar or don’t have much fruit in them, so they might not be as healthy as some other yogurts.

McDonald’s has made many different flavors of Yoplait Yogurt. Some of the more popular ones are Strawberry Banana, Tropical Passion Fruit Paradise (yogurt with a wave on top), French Vanilla Crème Filled Tart.