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7 Best Substitute for Yogurt in Baking (2022) – Must Check

Yogurt is a healthy dairy product. It contains calcium, phosphorus, and proteins which are essential for our body. Yogurt not only tastes good, but it is very versatile as well. You can use it in cooking or even drink it plain from a cup. In baking, there is no better way to bind baked goods together than Yogurt.

In this article, I will suggest some healthy substitutes for Yogurt in baking.

Food Binding Properties of Regular Yogurt

When we make bread or any baked goods, it is essential to ensure that the bread doesn’t fall apart after taking it out of your oven. And this is where good old Yogurt comes into play. It acts as a binding agent in baking. In this context, a binding agent binds the ingredients together to form a dough that you can bake.

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What is the substitute for Yogurt in Baking?

Here are some of the best substitutes for Yogurt in Baking:

1.    Cream cheese

Cream cheese is an excellent substitute for a yogurt toast and other dishes. So whenever, you are short of yogurt, using cream cheese is the best way to make your day. The amount of greek yogurt and cream cheese remains the same when it comes to substitution.

2.    Sour Cream:

You can substitute the sour cream in equal quantities as of the required yogurt. Baked potatoes, dips and salad dressings are some of the recipes where this thumb of rule applies. It gives you same creamy and tangy flavor and texture in salads as you get from yogurt.

3.    Sour milk

Add 2-3 spoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to your regular milk and your perfect yogurt substitute is ready. Sour milk should be kept undisturbed after adding the lemon juice. Now strainout the thicken portion and your yogurt substitute is ready.

4.    Cottage Cheese

Blended cottage cheese is an excellent substitute for yogurt. The tapioca consistency of cottage cheese is coupled with high calcium, high protein and low in sugar. Topping it on toast, cheesecakes and pancakes will make your recipes mouth-watering.

5.    Mayo

Have you heard about Portillo’s Chocolate cake? While most of the cake are based on yogurt, this special cake has a secret ingredient – ol Mayo. Yes! You read it right! So, next time when you are short of Greek yogurt, add some Mayo to your recipe to get the awesome results.

The amount of mayo would remain same as much you require the Greek yogurt. And

6.    Buttermilk

Have you ever used the water that is left after the butter is churned? If not, time to use it now! The tenderness and tang texture of buttermilk helps in rising your breads and cake to make them a perfectly baked goodies. Make sure to use 1/4 less buttermilk than the required quantity of yogurt as it has lot of moisture than yogurt.

It is also a good Greek yogurt substitute due to its acidic properties.

7.    Avocado

If you are vegan, nothing could be better than substituting the yogurt with Avocado. So smash up the same amount of Avocado as much you need Greek Yogurt to your dressings, sauces and in some baked goods. Blended Silken tofu is another excellent options as a dairy-free substitute.

As it has natural butter, it add good texture to your recipes. The flavor of avocado is slightly different, so make sure to add it in restricted quantities.

Sour Cream vs. Yogurt Cheese:

Sour cream is thicker than yogurt cheese, and it can be used to make rich, creamy frostings, dips, or serve with fruit as a dip. On the other hand, Yogurt cheese is much more versatile than sour cream because you can use it in baked goods as well, which makes for a good substitute.

Greek Yogurt

Substituting Greek Yogurt to your regular yogurt is an excellent idea. Be it dips, sauces, and other baking stuff, Greek yogurt tastes good when substituted with the ratio 1-to-1.

Greek Yogurt vs. Plain Yogurt

The difference between Greek yogurt and plain yogurt is that Greek yogurt has been strained to make it thicker, creamier, and more like sour cream inconsistency, making it perfect for creamy dips or frostings. At the same time, you can use plain Yogurt in baked goods just as you would use regular buttermilk.

Yogurt Cheese vs. Sour Cream:

Yogurt cheese is thicker than sour cream and works as a great substitute in baked goods and dips, frostings, and creamy style spreads just like sour cream does. It has the same consistency as Greek yogurt or thick sour cream, so if you can’t find any Greek yogurt in your market, you can always opt for yogurt cheese instead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about other dairy products like heavy cream or whole milk?

Heavy cream and whole milk can be used as a substitute for Yogurt in baking, but the end product will always be slightly on the heavier side because of the higher fat content. Whole milk has around 8% of fat, whereas heavy cream is somewhere around 35%, so if you substitute these dairy products for Yogurt, you will notice a slight difference in texture and consistency.

Can I use Buttermilk as a Substitute for Yogurt?

Yes, but make sure to check the list of ingredients because sometimes buttermilk might contain added chemicals or sweeteners. If that is the case, then you can use sour cream or plain yogurt instead.

What is the difference between Buttermilk and Yogurt?

Buttermilk is the leftover liquid after churning butter out of cultured milk (it might contain some milk fat). In contrast, plain Yogurt is made by fermenting milk with cultures like lactobacillus bulgaricus, streptococcus thermophilus, and bifidalus bulgaricus.

How can I substitute Yogurt for Baking?

Yogurt can be substituted with buttermilk or sour cream. You can also add a little lemon juice or vinegar to regular milk and let it sit for a few minutes, then use that in place of Yogurt in baking recipes.