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What is the Difference Between Regular Yogurt and Greek Yogurt?

Both Greek and “regular” yogurt are made from milk that has been fermented with live bacterial cultures. The difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt lies in how it is processed, which results in higher protein content for the latter:

In Greek yogurt, the liquid whey is strained out using a fine mesh or cheesecloth after fermentation, leaving a thicker yogurt with less moisture. The result is a tangier-tasting product that contains double the amount of protein as “regular” yogurt.

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Which yogurt is healthiest?

Whether regular or Greek, both types of yogurt are an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D and a good source of protein. For those following a vegan diet, be sure to check the label, as some yogurts are fortified with vitamin B12.

Is Greek yogurt healthier than regular yogurt?

While both Greek and “regular” yogurt are healthful, the amount of protein in Greek yogurt might make it a slightly more nutritious choice.

Is there a difference between flavored and non-flavored yogurt?

The main difference is that flavored yogurts contain added sugars and fruit or artificial flavors, while plain (unflavored) yogurt contains milk and live cultures.

Is plain yogurt or flavored yogurt better for you?

Both plain and flavored yogurts are nutritious choices. However, the added sugars in flavored yogurts might make them less healthy, depending on how much is eaten.

Are there any health benefits to Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt has also been linked to several potential health benefits:

  • Helps lower cholesterol levels Reduces blood pressure
  • It helps control appetite and food intake (in some cases)
  • May improve the symptoms of lactose intolerance
  • Boosts the immune system
  • It contains beneficial probiotics that can aid digestion

How do I choose the best yogurt?

Best Yogurt Facts

When choosing a yogurt, it’s important to check that it is free of excess sugar and has not been heat treated. If possible, buy organic to ensure that your yogurt comes from cows raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. (Growth hormones are sometimes given to animals to produce more milk.)

Yogurt with fruit on the bottom is not a good idea since most fruit sticks to the top and can include added sugar. Yogurt can be a great addition to any diet, helping you get more calcium, protein, and probiotics into your diet. Be sure to choose an organic yogurt with less than ten grams of sugar per six-ounce serving.

Can you substitute regular yogurt for Greek yogurt?

Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt can be substituted for any recipe that calls for regular yogurt. You might also try using a blend of half regular and half Greek yogurt, as the resulting texture will be thicker than regular yogurt but not as thick as with all Greek yogurt.

You might also consider draining regular yogurt overnight in cheesecloth to mimic the consistency of Greek yogurt.

What is the best-selling yogurt?

Plain, Greek yogurt is the best-selling variety of yogurt in the US, with brands like Fage, Chobani, and Oikos leading sales.

Are there any health risks associated with eating too much yogurt?

When consumed in moderation, yogurt is a healthy food choice. However, it does contain lactose (a type of sugar), making it unsuitable for lactose intolerance.

Yogurt can also be high in sugar, so care should be taken to choose plain varieties and stay within the suggested serving size (which often varies depending on the brand).