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What is the Best Greek Yogurt (2023): Top 5 Brands to Consider

What is the best Greek yogurt? Is it low-fat or full fat? Which brand has the best taste?

Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt and contains less sugar and calories. It also has a higher protein content than other types of yogurt. From Smoothies to other recipes, Greek Yogurt is widely used as a healthy food. 

Greek yogurt is a great source of calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and probiotics. The best brands include Fage, Chobani, Yoplait, and Siggi’s. However, when considering a store-bought yogurt, you need to be conscious of its ingredients.

According to Healthline, You should always consider the brands that offer the least sugar per serving. While the presence of lactose leads to over 7 grams of sugar, topped-up sugar should be strictly avoided.

There are wide varieties of yogurt such as plain, full, fat, flavored, nonfat, 2%, and skyr, which makes it confusing which one to buy. We always recommend going for plain Greek yogurt, but it also comes with several variations leading to a big confusion.

Many store-bought Greek Yogurt comes with additional additives and thickeners to stabilize its texture. While Homemade Greek Yogurt gives you control over the ingredients, you should be vigilant on the labels for store-bought yogurt to make the right purchase.

So, What is the best Greek Yogurt on the Market? Let’s explore!

Factors to Look for in a Greek Yogurt:

Here are some important factors that you should take into account before finalizing the best Greek yogurt:


It is important to check the nutrition facts label while choosing the Greek Yogurt to understand its ingredients. As Greek yogurt is already included in a small amount of lactose which is natural milk sugar, you should consider buying a greek yogurt with no added sugar. Various flavored yogurt in the market comes with lots of added sugar.

Milk Quality

Always go for a greek yogurt made from an organic grass-fed cow. Alternatively, choose the yogurt that is made from GMO milk.

Milk Fat Percentage

There are various milk fat percentages that Greek Yogurt comes with 0% (fat-free), 2% (reduced fat), and 3.25% (whole fat). There are even 7% fat yogurts available in the market that are much rich and creamier.

Although full-fat dairy is avoided for its high fat and calorie content, various studies suggest that full-fat dairy helps with higher nutrient absorption.

Plain Vs. Flavored Yogurt

You can choose Greek yogurt, either regular or nonfat varieties. Plain Greek yogurt is usually lower in calories than other types because it doesn’t contain any sweeteners. To enjoy Greek yogurt, you can mix it with fruits, granola, nuts, seeds, and other toppings. Honey, maple syrup, and vanilla extract can also be mixed in.

Here are the Top 5 Greek Yogurt:

1. Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt

Fage Greek yogurt is one the best tasting, highest in protein, and lowest in calories greek yogurt. While it isn’t organic, it is one of the top-selling Greek yogurts available today.

 Available in a pack of the 7-ounce container, it is a perfect dip or diet dish that comes with the goodness of Protein. As available in the varieties of honey, cherry, strawberry, and peach, you should prefer plain Greek yogurt as the flavored versions also contain a high amount of sugar.

Calories: 120 Protein: 17g Sugar: 5 Added Sugar : 0 

2. Chobani Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

Chobani has emerged as the market leader in producing Greek Yogurt. This Nonfat plain Greek yogurt is not an exception for its versatility. It is a non-GMO Greek Yogurt with no added sugar. From baked goods to snacks and even in your yogurt parfait, this yogurt suits every recipe you want to make special.

Its probiotic strains of L. Casei, L.Bulgaricus, Bifidus and L. Acidophilus come with billions of gut-friendly bacterias each serving. 

Calories: 90 Protein: 16 g Sugar: 4 g Added Sugar : 0

3. Wallaby Organic Aussie Greek Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

According to HuffPost, Full Fat Plain yogurt is much better than low-fat yogurt. Along these lines, Wallaby Organic comes up with 4.5% milk fat to ensure the creamier texture of the Greek Yogurt they serve. Full-fat dairy satiates you for a longer time and offers better texture and more indulgent flavor. 

The saturated fat in Wallaby Full Fat Greek Yogurt accounts for 25% of your daily saturated fat requirements. Hence, Wallaby Yogurt has a higher dose of nutrition, better taste, and long satiety.

Calories: 160 Protein: 15 g Sugar: 5 g Added Sugar: No

 4. Siggi’s Plain Greek Yogurt

With its wide collection of Greek Yogurt as low-fat, whole milk, and no fat, Siggi is a renowned brand for Skyr yogurts. Like Greek Yogurt, Skyr is also a strained yogurt. But it has been excessively strained, which leads to a thicker consistency than the greek yogurt. 

Siggi also produces many kid’s products and drinkable yogurt. All Siggi’s products are non-GMO and free from artificial colors and preservatives. Skyr is also rich in calcium, probiotics, and protein which are substantially higher than Greek Yogurt.

You can also choose from a range of flavors like strawberry, blueberry, coconut, key lime, and ginger & orange.

Calories: 80 Protein: 16 g Sugar: 4 g Added Sugar: No

5. Stonyfield Organic Greek 0% Fat Plain Yogurt

Enjoy an organic Greek Yogurt from Stonyfield, free from GMOs, preservatives, and antibiotics. One serving of Stonyfield gives you 22 grams of protein. Most of this yogurt is heart-healthy with omega – 3 fats that save you from cardiovascular diseases.

This yogurt is made from non-GMO and pasture-raised grass-fed cow’s milk. Each cup of Stonyfield comes with 22 grams of protein and 7 grams of lactose sugar. You have an option to choose between plain flavor and vanilla beans.

Calories: 130 Protein: 22 g Sugar: 7 g Added Sugar : 0

So, as we have concluded, these 5 best Greek yogurt promises quality and no added sugars, which is the prime concern for the users.

Does Greek Yogurt Contain Probiotics?

Yes, Greek Yogurt comes with the strain of probiotics. These healthy gut bacteria strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. Different brands prevailing in the market come with different levels and strains of probiotics depending on the yogurt processing.

Always refer to the yogurt labels to ensure that the yogurt contains live and active cultures.

Can I Substitute Greek Yogurt for Sour cream?

Greek Yogurt and Sour Cream come with the same consistency and texture, but Sour cream is much higher in fat content. Consider using the 4% Full Fat Greek Yogurt to replace the sour cream. You can substitute the Sour cream in the recipes like casseroles, dips, etc.

Can I Freeze Greek Yogurt?

Yes! You can freeze the Greek Yogurt. But when you defrost, the yogurt will separate from its liquid, leading to textural changes. Frozen Greek Yogurt is another option that gets you a yummy frozen treat.


Greek Yogurt from different brands comes with different nutritional values. Hence, it is important to check the labels before finalizing any brand. The best Greek Yogurt is plain with zero added sugar. Look for the active culture stains and enjoy your yogurt’s probiotic benefits.

Yogurt Expert Sonia Uvezian was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. A renowned expert in Middle Eastern and Caucasian cooking and winner of a James Beard Award, she is the author of six other highly acclaimed cookbooks, such as Recipes and Remembrances From An Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen, Cooking from the Caucasus along with The Book of Yogurt.