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10 Best Greek Yogurt Smoothie (2023): You Haven’t Tried Ever

Are you looking for some delicious smoothie recipes? Well, then, look no further because we have got you covered. In this article, we will share our top picks for the best greek yogurt smoothies.

Greek yogurt smoothies are great for breakfast or even dessert. They are also very nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals. Drinking these smoothies boosts energy levels, improves digestion and immunity, and reduces inflammation.

Green yogurt smoothies are perfect for those who want to get their daily dose of probiotics.

These drinks contain live cultures that promote digestive health and boost immune function. There are many greek yogurt recipes, but smoothies are best among all!

Are Smoothies Good for Weight Loss?

Greek Yogurt Smoothie is a great breakfast drink that is high in protein and low in calories. Protein helps your body stay fuller, reducing the urge to snack. It also contains calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and zinc.Greek Yogurt Nutrition help boost energy levels throughout the morning.

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Here are the 10 Best Yogurt Smoothies in 2022 that are full of nutrition as well as great taste:

1. Beets & Berry Smoothie

Who can resist the goodness of berry and beets in just one bowl? How about adding a dose of high protein in the way of Greek Yogurt? While raspberries are fiber-filled and highly antioxidants, beets vitalize you for the day.

Blend one banana and some greek yogurt along to balance the taste perfectly.

Calories: 170 

2. Coconut Lassi

Blended Yogurt in India is termed Lassi and is considered healthy to beat the scorching summers of India. This recipe comes with a twist of coconut to elevate the basic taste of Lassi. According to, Coconut helps in improving the digestion, heart health as promote weight loss.

Tempting coconut, honey, and cinnamon when blended with yogurt, the outcome turns out to be super-healthy and yummy! This is an ultimate way of how to make Greek Yogurt Taste good!

Calories: 209

3. Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie

A high dose of Vitamin C is what you need to recharge for the day. In many studies, Vitamin C proved to be an important antioxidant that comes with anti-inflammatory properties. This smoothie comes with chocolate, strawberry, and greek yogurt blend. Strawberries have the goodness of Vitamin C and antioxidants that keep you supercharged.

Calories: 209 calories

4. Wild Blueberries and Honey

Enjoy the goodness of honey and antioxidant-rich blueberry with high-protein Greek Yogurt to make it a wholesome breakfast. Blueberries are the excellent source of Vitamin C and K as well as manganese.

Blending blueberries, honey and greek yogurt together will give you a low-calorie smoothie that can fit into your weight-loss program.

Calories: 223 calories

5. Apple Protein Smoothie

Often we run away from apple pie due to its high-calorie label. But if I tell you that I have a healthier version of Apple delight that will not only tantalize your taste buds with flavors but also induce you to include it in your staple diet? Apple as a fruit comes with many health benefits.

Yes! We are referring to the Apple Smoothie with Greek Yogurt to get a full bowl of nutrition. Add some cinnamon to enhance its overall flavors.

Calories: 225

6. Almond Joy Smoothie

With the ingredients like cocoa powder, oats, Coconut extract, banana, and Greek yogurt, this smoothie comes with a low version of fat and calories. You can twist it with an addition of chocolate to make it savory.

But if you want to keep the calorie count low, we suggest you skip the chocolate and go with the traditional ways. The combination of yogurt and almond makes it a perfect protein shake.

7. Vanilla, Pineapple, and Peanut Butter Smoothie

Are you a die-hard fan of vanilla flavor? If you prefer vanilla flavor over others, this vanilla smoothie recipe will not disappoint you, from ice creams to milkshakes.

Its natural ingredients can account for 25% of your daily protein. Take 1 frozen pineapple, ½ cup of greek yogurt, 1 banana, and 2 tablespoons peanut butter to blend. Your daily dose of high protein is ready to serve.

Calories: 286 calories

8. Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberries are antioxidant-rich that come with several health benefits. Yogurt and blueberries have always been good friends for their taste compatibilities.

So, merging them into a smoothie will be an awesome experience. Take some frozen blueberries, carrots, Cinnamon, Banana, and Greek Yogurt. Blend them, and you are ready to go!

Calories: 194 calories

9. Banana Smoothie

Unlike Banana shake or banana bread, this is an incredibly low-calorie smoothie that gives you a frothy and creamy experience. Consider picking up the ripe bananas that are naturally sweetened to overcome the tart flavor of Greek Yogurt.

You can even try this recipe with your plant-based vegan yogurt. Almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk are some of the options you can consider. 

Calories: 208 calories

10. Mango Smoothie

Who doesn’t love this king of fruits? Mango has always been blamed as a high-calorie fruit and is often avoided by the health freaks. But this mango smoothie is a real retreat for those who have been avoiding this tasty fruit for years due to its calorific nature.

Take some frozen mango chunks, and add a handful of almonds and cinnamon. Blend them with ¾ cup of Greek Yogurt, and your healthy mango recipe is ready to gulp down.

Calories: 327 calories

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smoothies with Yogurt Healthy?

With its high amount of protein, yogurt is the best ingredient for making a smoothie. It makes you a filling snack or even a healthy breakfast that keeps you energized for the day.

Churning the nutrient-rich fruits and raw vegetables along with protein-packed yogurt makes the smoothie a power-packed shake to consider.

Is Smoothie better with yogurt or milk?

While milk gives you a creamier smoothie, yogurt is preferable if you need a protein-rich smoothie post-workout. Adding ingredients like bananas also adds richness and creaminess to regular yogurt smoothies.

Does Smoothie help you with gaining weight?

Depending on the smoothie’s ingredients, you may gain or lose weight. If your smoothies are filled with calories, sugar, and fat, you will likely gain weight.

But if your smoothies are protein-packed and made out of greens with low fat and low calories, they can also help you lose weight.

What Should You not mix in Smoothie?

You should avoid milk, ice, and sugar in your smoothies.


Smoothies are great ways to relish your favorite greek yogurt and the goodness of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Blending a smoothie is super easy, and you can try a new flavor every day with lots of variations available.

So, which smoothie is your favorite? Please let us know the unique smoothie ideas you have ever tried with Greek Yogurt.

Yogurt Expert Sonia Uvezian was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. A renowned expert in Middle Eastern and Caucasian cooking and winner of a James Beard Award, she is the author of six other highly acclaimed cookbooks, such as Recipes and Remembrances From An Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen, Cooking from the Caucasus along with The Book of Yogurt.